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Project title: NetChem :: ICT Networking for Overcoming Technical and Social Barriers in Instrumental Analytical Chemistry education

Duration: 3 years

Scope: International

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-programme: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action: Capacity Building in higher education

NETCHEM Project aims at strengthening the capacities for international cooperation in Serbian and Albanian higher education institutions (HEIs) and enterprises in order to increase their education level and technical capacities regarding analytical instrumentation usage for Environmental & Food Safety Control (EFSC) through Technology Enhanced Learning and to increase benefits in health, environment, tourism and economy in Serbia and Albania toward their EU pre-accession development.

Specifically, the project aims at establishing a NETCHEM platform providing three main services:

  1. SQL based system for EFSC data collection,
  2. web accessed remote instrumental analytical laboratories (WARIAL) and
  3. open education resource (OER) in Partner Country universities.

The target audience are HEI teachers, researchers, student population and professionals in enterprises. The Project tends to promote life-long learning opportunities for HEI teachers and employees in enterprises, quick and reliable results comparisons between researcher groups, distance education and virtual mobility of students within universities, overcoming in this way the technical and social barriers between Partner and EU Countries.

Instrumental analysis of environmental and food samples performed by project members using WARIAL network will provide the basis for establishing the SQL Data Collection of environmental and food quality indicators and chemical data, that will be used for increasing the public awareness about environmental and food problems addressing to both the professional sector and general public.

The project is complemented by extensive dissemination, networking activities, international round-tables and study visits. The partnership comprises 14 institutions including 3 EU universities, prominent public EU research organization, 4 Serbian universities and 2 Albanian universities, enterprises and analytical instruments producer.