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Aims and objectives


  • Support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of the higher education field in the eligible Partner Countries.
  • Contribute to the cooperation between the EU and the eligible Partner Countries (and amongst the eligible Partner Countries).

Wider objectives:

  • Improve the quality of higher education and enhance its relevance for the labour market and society.
  • Improve the level of competences and skills in HEIs by developing new and innovative education programmes.

WB Regional educational area will be enhanced with novel, updated and approved/accredited curricula, courses, learning materials, tools and methodologies, providing flexible, efficient and cost-effective way of academic and vocational training for ever-growing needs in labor market in environmental and food quality control. Open accessibility of the NETCHEM platform provides strengthening and prolongation of relationships between EU and Partner HEIs and enterprises.

Specific objectives:

  • To develop and use web accessed remote instrumental analytical laboratories (WARIAL) in environmental and food safety control (EFSC) domain
  • To train university teachers in the use of WARIAL and open education resources (OER) for the preparation of courses in EFSC
  • To develop MSc/PhD courses within the field of EFSC using WARIAL and OER
  • To develop Continuous Professional Development courses designed according to the real needs of companies and laboratories in the field of EFSC
  • To develop SQL based system for monitoring of EFSC quality indicators, case studies and professional's discussion forums