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Enološka stanica Vršac



Saša Popov

Saša Popov

• Education: Faculty of Physical Chemistry University of Belgrade;

• Professional title: Master of Physical Chemistry, Specialist in physical chemistry;

• Job title: Head of the Department of Instrumental Analysis;

• Professional experience: Over 14 years in Enological Station in Vršac, on various operational and management positions: 6 years in the determination of heavy metals in food and objects of general use (AAS / flame AAS / GF);

• 2 years of work on the determination of organic acids, preservatives, sweeteners and sugars in food (HPLC / UV, HPLC / RI), determination of anions in water (IC);

• 2 years of work on the determination of methanol, higher alcohols and ethyl acetate in alcoholic beverages (GC / FID);

• 2 years of work on the determination of pesticide residues contents in foods of plant origin (GC / ECD, GC/MSD);

• All the time involved in the development, implementation and validation of new test methods and instrumental techniques in the laboratory Enological station in Vrsac. • Chairman of The Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia Branch in Vršac, member of Serbian Chemical Society Branch in Vršac;

• Participated in Component 6 (laboratory system) EU twining project 05SER01/06/005 ''Capacity Building for the Serbian Wine Sector'' In June 2008: attended an intensive theoretical and practical training in Enological station Aro (La Rioja) and the National Reference Laboratory (Madrid).

• From 2014 Technical Expert of Accreditation Body of Serbia

• Enrolled PhD Studies at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade in 2014.

Published works:

1. A.D. Pavlović, Lj.M. Ignjatović, S.Z. Popov, A.R. Mladenović, I.N. Stanković, “Application of gas chromatography analysis to quality control of residual organic solvents in clopidogrel bisulphate”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., doi: 10.2298/JSCS131120013P;

2. S.M. Stanišić Stojić, Lj.M. Ignjatović, S. Popov, S. Škrivanj, A.R. Djordjević, A. Stojić, ”Heavy metal accumulation in wheat and barley: the effects of soil presence and liquid manure amendment”, Plant Biosystems, manusript ID TPLB-2012-0212R1.

3. S. Stanišić, Lj. Ignjatović, S. Popov, S. Skrivanj, „Effects of liquid manure amendment on accumulation of heavy metals in wheat and barley“, 4th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, August 26-30, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, Abstract book, s1152.

Stana Dimitrijević

Stana Dimitrijević

Education: Agricultural faculty University of Belgrade, Serbia;

Professional title: B.Sc. in Agriculture;

Job title: Chief manager;

Professional experience:

1986 – 2000: Production technologist and Manager in ULPIN-LESKOVAC, Leskovac;

2000 – 2006: Manager in A.D. “Vrsacka Pivara" Vrsac;

2005 – 2006: Consultant in Association of private small andmedium enterprises and entrepreneurs township of Vrsac;

2006 – 2008: Monitoring and evaluation assistant on Project EAR, Sector: Financial Executive, Municipality of Vrsac;

2008 – 2009: PR manager The Regional Chamber of Commerce of Požarevac;

2009 – until now: Chief Manager in “Enoloska stanica” in Vrsac; Responsible for organization, economic and financial aspects of company.

Miodrag Kertes

Miodrag Kertes

Education: Agricultural faculty University of Belgrade, Serbia;

Professional title: B.Sc. Food Technology vegetable producers;

Job title: Quality Manager and Deputy head of the Department of physico-chemical monitoring

Professional experience:

1994 – 2013 Employed in “Enološka stanica” in Vršac on various operational and management positions;

Member of the NGO "Banat St. Theodore wine order" – knight of the wine