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Analysis d.o.o.

 Milan CosicMilan Ćosić

Milan Ćosić

Service and application support for chromatography and mass spectrometry, providing service, application and education for related products:

– Installation HPLC/UHPLC/MS, GC/MS/MS, IC

– Installation equipment for sample preparation and evaporation ASE350, Auto trace, Rocket Evaporato

 Provides troubleshooting and training for all techniques listed above

– Chromeleon 7.2& Chromeleon 6.8, ChromQuest, Xcalibur, Trace Finder software installation and training

 Presentations in seminars, workshops and training courses

 Customers training on instrument, software & sample handling

– Develop new applications

 Sample preparation using approved International methods and EU Regulations.

 Calibration volumetric equipment and optical devices.

 Environmental Sample analysis on HPLC, IC and GC/MS according EPA 8270, 8260, 531.2, 631, TO11A, etc protocols.

 Solid waste and waste water sample analysis (PCB, PAH, Pesticides, Mercaptans, Phenols, anions&cations, hydrocarbons)

 Sample preparation according EPA 3510, 3520,3550, 3580 protocols

 Validation methods for techniques listed above Issuing and verifications of results reports in accordance with Serbian legislation

 The development and introduction of new methods

 Design and organization of a new laboratory for the analysis of food (microbiology and chemical department)

 The development and introduction methods for food analysis

 Validation of the Method for Determination of Pesticide Residues by Gas Chromatograph

– MassSpectrometry according to SANCO Method performance criteria. Trainings/Seminars

– HPLC advanced service training (ThermoScientific Dionex, Germering, Germany)

 HLC qualification Training (ThermoScientific Dionex, Germering, Germany)

 Installation and maintenance GC new series GC13x0 (ThermoScientific, Strada Rivoltana, Milano, Italy

 TSQ8000 triple quad Installation and maintenance (ThermoScientific, Strada Rivoltana, Milano, Italy

 Education trainings for General requirement for laboratory UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia Belgrade)

 Education trainings for Food Safety Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course (Based on ISO 22000:2005) Nigel Bauer & Associates, Institute for Occupational Safety, Novi Sad,

 Education trainings for Quality Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course (Based on ISO 9001:2008), Nigel Bauer & Associates, Institute for Occupational Safety, Novi Sad,

 Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Operation and Maintenance Training, (Dionex/Kemolab, Zagreb)

 Water Workshop - Analysis of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems (University Novi Sad, Faculty of chemistry

 Analysis of PCB & Dioxins (M.A.S. Institute - Dioxin academy in Munster (Germany) ) focusing on the application of advanced mass spectrometry in residue analysis of Dioxin PCBs and dioxin like PCBs.

 Sanja Djekic

Sanja Đekić

Sanja Đekić

Application manager, QMS Representative ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025

 Presentations in seminars, workshops and training courses.

 Customers training on instrument, software & sample handling Develop new applications Evaluating new instruments and new techniques

 Provides troubleshooting and resolution of customers’ technical issues

 Provides development of method testing and analysis for customer including method validation Method development and method validation

 Validation of the Method for Determination of Pesticide Residues by Gas Chromatography

– Mass Spectrometry acording to SANCO Method performance criteria Validation of the Method for Determination Mycotoxins by LC/MS/MS EPA 8081 Organochlorine Pesticides by GC/ECD

 EPA 8082 PCB by GC/ECD - 8270D Semivolatile Organic Compounds by GC/MS (PCB, PAH, Organochlorine Pesticides, Phenols)

 CEI IEC 61619. Insulating liquids– Contamination by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

– Method of determination by capillary column gas chromatography

 EPA 200.7 Determination of metals and trace elements in water and wastes by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry Trainings/Seminars

 Thermo Scientific LC/MS training course (TSQ Operations)

 Global Analyser Solutions (G.A.S. Interscience)

 Analysis of PCB & Dioxins (M.A.S. Institute) - Metrology in Chemistry (Train Mic) - Method validation ISO/IEC 17025 (AChE)

 Internal Quality Control for Chemical laboratories (AChE) Measurement UncertaintyISO/IEC 17025 (AChE)