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Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne University)

Annie Brossas
Dr. Annie Brossas

Annie Brossas

Head of the Master of the OIP Chemistry (UMPC, Paris) Responsible for Internship Master1


2007-2016 Senior Lecturer, 32th section, at UPMC Study coordinator IP 4C001 (ex MC405)

• Recruitment and training of teachers

• Education in the EU

• Organization of round tables crafts, forum TESS Internship study coordinator 4C101 (eg MC412)

• Coaching students in their research training

• Validation of courses, allocation of university tutors

• Organization of defenses: organization of juries, planning, participation in jury for student abroad internship (40%) 1991-2007 Teacher Conferences 1st class, 32th section, at UPMC Education: Associate degree in Organic Chemistry 2nd year (TD, TP); Polymer License, Control and STI Professional insertion DEUG 1st year DUAPS Research Laboratory of Prof. J.P. Vairon, UMR 7611 Theme Polymers LCD - functionalization of C60 1989-1991 Teacher Conferences 2nd class, 32nd section at UPMC Organic Chemistry Education Associate degree 2nd year (TD, TP) Polymer License, Control and STI Research Laboratory of H. Rudler, Research Director, UMR 7611 Theme Synthesis of organometallic compounds 1987-1989 Postdoctoral Training in the laboratory of Prof. K.P.C. Vollhardt at the University of Berkeley (California)

• Cobalt Clusters Synthesis

• Synthesis of Fullerene precursors 1983-1987 Assistant at the IUT of St Denis, 33th section at the University of Paris XIII Education in Initial Training and Continuing Education Organic Chemistry oriented on Chemical Safety and Hazard Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical risk oriented on Security Research Laboratory of Prof. Martel at the IUT of St Denis Theme Fireproofing polymers until 1985 and then to Laboratory H. Rudler, Research Director, UMR 7611 Theme Synthesis of organometallic carbene, metathesis polymerization initiators

1979 Internship engineer at the Chemical Society of Mulhouse (68) 6 months Development of a dye synthesis and monitoring production

1977 Technician Internship at Rhône-Poulenc Anthony (92) 2 months Study coating based Polyvinyl Alcohol for PVC bottles coating to make them impermeable to gases.

DEGREES 1983 Engineer Doctor Thesis at the University of Paris XIII in collaboration with the ATO Chemical group Subject: Implementation of the metathesis reaction in the one-dimensional polymerization of dicyclopentadiene Jury: Prof. Fontanille, Prof. Pietrasanta, Prof. Martel and Mr. Minoux 1980 DEA Macromolecular Chemistry at University Paris VI 1979 Engineer from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse

Liste des publications

1) Pacreau, Annie ; Fontanille, Michel. Linear polymerization of endo-dicyclopentadiene initiated by metathesis catalysts. Makromolekulare Chemie (1987), 188(11), 2585-95.

2) Alvarez, Cecilio ; Pacreau, Annie ; Parlier, Andrée ; Rudler, Henri ; Daran, Jean-Claude. Bidentate alkene-carbene complexes of tungsten: synthesis, structure, and reactivity toward alkenes. Organometallics (1987), 6(5), 1057-64.

3) Rudler, H.; Audouin, M. ; Chelain, E. ; Denise, B. ; Goumont, R. ; Massoud, A. ; Parlier, A. ; Pacreau, A. ; Rudler, M. ; et al.Aminocarbene complexes of chromium and molybdenum: initiators for cascade reactions with alkynes leading to new heterocyclic compounds via nitrogen ylides. Chemical Society Reviews (1991), 20(4), 503-31. 28 citations jusqu’ 2007

4) Lavastre, Olivier ; Dixneuf, Pierre H. ; Pacreau, Annie ; Vairon, Jean-Pierre. Synthesis of Polymerizable Carbene and Alkenyl Ruthenium Complexes and of a Ruthenium Containing Copolymer. Organometallics (1994), 13(6), 2500-3.

5) Bezou, Pascal ; Pacreau, Annie ; Vairon, Jean-Pierre. Synthesis of new polymerizable liquid-crystal molecules. Tetrahedron Letters (1995), 36(17), 2995-8

6) Lavastre, Olivier ; Even, Michael ; Dixneuf, Pierre H. ; Pacreau, Annie ; Vairon, Jean-Pierre. Novel Ruthenium- or Iron-Containing Tetraynes as Precursors of Mixed Metal Oligomers. Organometallics (1996), 15(6), 1530-1.

7) Bouteiller, L. ; Le Barny, P. ; Dubois, J. C. ; Pacreau, A. ; Vairon, J. P. Chemical modification of the polymer surface and consequences on electrooptical properties of liquid crystal-polymer composites. Molecular Engineering (1996), 6(4), 373-389.

8) Bezou, Pascal ; Pacreau, Annie ; Vairon, Jean-Pierre ; Lacoudre, Nelly ; Friedrich, Claude ; Noel, Claudine. Liquid crystalline properties of side-chain polymers bearing the same mesogenic group. Polymers for Advanced Technologies (1997), 8(2), 63-74.

9) Lavastre, O. ; Even, M. ; Troccon, C. ; Dixneuf, P. H. ; Pacreau, A. ; Vairon, J. P. Organometallic reactions as tools to build new metal-containing conjugated polymers. Macromolecular Symposia (1997), 122(International Symposium on Polycondensation, Related Processes and Materials, 1996), 71-76.