Analytical Instruments available for remote access:

007 GF AAS

GF – AAS, Analytic Jena novAA 400

novAA® 400 P — the PC-controlled fully automated compact spectrometer for flame, graphite furnace and hydride/HydreA technology. 8 lamp changers for maximum automation and sample throughput; Single and double beam available; D2 background correction; Integrated RFID Tool for working with coded lamps; Integrated super lamp power supply for best analytical performance; Integrated High-end Vision Tool for best observation and control of sample injection and sample drying in the graphite tube; Direct analysis of solid sample.

Our atomic absorption spectrometers are used in nearly every field of instrumental analysis. Among the most important ones there are: Environment/water/waste water; Food/agriculture; Geology/mining; Metallurgy/galvanization; Material analysis; Semi-conductor technology; Chemistry; Polymer industry; Electronics; Energy; Clinical chemistry/medicine/hygiene/health care; Refineries/petrochemistry; Pharmacy; Cosmetics.

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008 UV 2401

SF UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Shimadzu Double Beam UV-2401 PC

This single monochromator system provides the analyst with the reliability and performance our customers have come to expect in Shimadzu instruments. The low stray light/wide dynamic range/small beam size combination makes this instrument well suited to handle a variety of practical situations. From small sample volumes to highly absorbing samples, the software gives you the power and versatility of an extremely sophisticated system in a package that's easy to learn and use. Additional software enhancements like Kubelka-Munk conversion, area calculations and peak picks make this an instrument for the real world. What's more, it can resolve the triplet peaks in the vapor spectrum of benzene near 250 nm with ease.

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009 MEC 12B

Electrochem analyzer MEC-12B

  • Model MEC-12B Electrochemical Analyzer: Reference electrode, Auxiliary electrode, electrolytic cell model MEC 12B.

The instrument is composed of brand computer, mainframe, printer, electrode system and system software. All the major components of the instrument adopt today's most advanced digit and analog circuit chip, which has a very good reliability, stability and reproducibility.

The instrument has the superior performance, a very wide range of applications which can determine a variety of trace metals, non-metallic compounds and some organic compounds.

Scientific research and university teaching fields: The instrument can be used in electrochemical mechanism research, including electrode kinetics, biology, pharmacology and other multidisciplinary research fields. Since the instrument provides many electrochemical methods, and the instrument can be carried out more than 20 kinds of different methods of electrochemistry and electroanalytical chemistry experiment, which is flexible and convenient, an ideal tool for the university chemistry experiment teaching. Environmental protection: Measure pollutants in the environmental samples (wastewater, waste gas, waste residue, etc.), such as inorganic metal ions (Cd2+, Pb2+, etc.), organic pollution, pesticide. Food and health fields: Measure the metal ions, pigments, gourmet powder, preservatives, amino acids, etc. in foods and beverage samples. Industrial production field: Can be used in industrial production process and finished product analysis. Such as the anthraquinone contents in the hydrogen peroxide analysis, trace metal contents in high purity metal determination, etc.

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