Analytical Instruments available for remote access:

010 GC varian


  • GC Varian 413
  • MS Varian 210

A capable and reliable GC/MS for routine application The Varian 210-MS along with the Varian 431-GC provides great performance and reliability for routine applications in a small footprint. The system’s simplicity, robustness, and affordability make it an excellent choice for high through put laboratories. Read more.

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011 AAS Jena NovAA 300


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012 HPLC


  • Pump: Varian ProStar 210/218 (binary and ternary gradients to semi prep)
  • Detector: Varian ProStar model 325 (high performance dual wavelength analytical/prep)

210/218 – Different sizes for different flow rates; Different materials; Optional piston wash; Different pressure ratings (dependent on pump type)

235 – Lowest noise of any dual wavelength detector; Dual wavelength with ratio capability; Widest dynamic range from 50 mAU to 70 AU; Handheld computer available to monitor chromatogram in real time, create and edit methods

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