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013 Pegasus

Pegasus III (IVD)

  • Model: Autosampler Agilent 7683 + Gas Chromatograph Agilent 6890A + Mass Spectrometer with EI (@ 70 eV) and TOF analyser
  • Producer: LECO Corporation, San Jose, Mi, USA

The Pegasus® GC-TOFMS system combines proven LECO Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry technology with advanced ChromaTOF® software to provide an unparalleled increase in laboratory productivity. Full range mass spectral acquisition rates of up to 500 spectra per second allow for significant reduction in chromatographic analysis time. The introduction of the unique Dynamic Signal Tracking (DST) system further enhances Pegasus III dynamic range, spectral integrity, and overall system robustness. Exclusive automated data processing capabilities minimizes tedious manual manipulations and enhances data quality. Completely automated qualitative sample characterization, quantitative analysis, and/or inter-sample measurements can be completed in a fraction of the time required by manually-oriented processing systems. Read more

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014 EVOQ 1

EVOQ GC-TQ™ System

  • Model: 436 Gas Chromatograph + CP 8400 Autosampler + Mass Spectrometer with EI (@ 70 eV) and triple quadrupole analyser
  • Producer: Bruker, Bremen, Germany

The EVOQ GC-TQ Series sets a new industry standard for GC-MS. The EVOQ series is simple to use and incredibly sensitive and delivers robust and reliable performance. All this comes complete in a space-saving package that makes upgrading to new levels of performance a simple and cost-effective process.

EVOQ GC-TQ set new standards of performance in: Food Analysis and Testing; Environmental Analysis; Forensic Toxicology; Sports Medicine/Doping Control; Petroleum, Fuels, and Hydrocarbon Analysis; Targeted Metabolomics. Read more.

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