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Category: Implementation
Number of Subcategories: 7
folder_blue.png WP1 (PREP)
Subcategories: 14
Files: 69
Current and Desired Level of Knowledge/Skills in Technology Enhanced Learning in EFSC
folder_blue.png WP2 (DEV)
Subcategories: 26
Files: 70
Establishing NETCHEM platform
folder_blue.png WP3 (DEV)
Subcategories: 14
Files: 33
Creation and Implementation of SQL based system for EFSC data collection
folder_blue.png WP4 (DEV)
Subcategories: 55
Files: 181
Development and delivery of courses via NETCHEM platform
folder_blue.png WP5 (QPLN)
Subcategories: 45
Files: 138
Quality assurance and monitoring
folder_blue.png WP6 (DIS)
Subcategories: 80
Files: 297
Dissemination and Exploitation of NETCHEM platform
folder_blue.png WP7 (MNGT)
Subcategories: 44
Files: 186
Project Management and Coordination