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Here you can find the presentations from the meeting that was held on 24 -25 September 2018 at University of Niš. Photos from the meeting are available here.

Click on the title to download available presentations in PDF format.



Monday, 24th September 2018, Great Hall (ground floor)

Overall technical and financial progress of the project
Tatjana Andjelkovic

Framework of Summer school Mass Spectrometry in EFSC at UN-Serbia
Milan Antonijevic (UoG), Josef Caslavsky (BUT)

Creation of SQL based system for EFSC data collection – overview of delivered data and accomplished results
Darko Anđelković (UN)

Agreement of protection of intellectual property
Milan Milosevic (UN)

Milan Milosevic (UN), Darko Andjelkovic(UN)

WARIAL remote access at NETCHEM platform. Overview of collected WARIAL data from NETCHEM consortium
Milan Milosevic (UN)

NETCHEM website feedback and promo material distribution
Ivana Kostic (UN)

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, room 38 (2nd floor)

Overview of courses material, reviewing process, quality of material (WP4) – where we are
Ivana Ivancev Tumbas (UNS)

Catalogue of modernized courses with ICT oriented learning materials and tools
Snezana Maletic (UNS)

Overview of Edu-material from EU and SME partners
Alda Kika (UT)

Associated partners – role in the project
Branimir Jovancicevic (UB), Alda Kika (UT), Onejda Kycyk (AUT), Tatjana Andjelkovic (UN)

Usage of Hazard Standard Pictograms in Educational materials
Anna Warnet (AQ)

Approval/accreditation of courses delevered at PC institution via NETCHEM platform
Onejda Kycyk (AUT)